Swimming Lessons in Marikina

Unfortunately the place where my daughter have her swimming lessons every summer have done some major renovation and when we visited it I was surprised to know that they are now charging Php 6500 for swimming lesson. Well according to them it is justifiable since they would give the money back if the kid won’t be able to learn. And based on what I have seen the renovation really makes the place beautiful. They now have two pool and then a gym and a restaurant. I wonder if we would rent the place if we can used grills. I so wanted to buy and used an outdoor grills at GrillsDirect.com. I am still thinking if I should enroll my daughter there or try other venues like :

  • Riverbend Hotel in Riverbank Marikina – swimming lesson is by Bert Lozada swimming school
  • Marikina Sports Park – this one is sponsored by Marikina Government
  • Marist School – not sure how much but according to a co parent it’s around Php 3500
  • Centro Palmera Swimming lessons which I forgot the number
  • Villar Ronar

After doing some important errands I think I’ll enroll the little girl in her swimming lessons. I just have to do something important this week.

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