Places of Interest (SUMMER Activities)

Of course, as parents, we always look for ways to make sure that our kids have a fun summer. Well, I am not different from you. So as early as last month I have been looking around for places where the litte girl and I can spend our time. We have greatly enjoyed her swimming classes at Georgetown. I hope you can find some fun activities this summer for your kids too!


Georgetown Swimming Lessons @ SSS Village Marikina

Marooners Swimming Program @ Marikina Heights

Bert Lozada Swimming Lessons @ Riverbend Hotel Marikina

(this caters to older kids)

ADDRESS/TEL NOS. Riverbanks Center, Barangka, Marikina
(02) 563-5532 or 948-9750 to 55


KT Ballet Studio
Tel No. 468-8787; 0920-4212224
located in Bayan Bayanan, near Meralco and besides Garcia Hospital
Summer Workshop April 7-May 31, 2008

House of Dance Marikina
Cellphone nos.: 09154073170, 09228252925, 09238511235
Telephone no.: 9986434
Location: 2nd flr, C and B Circle Mall (former S mall), Liwasang Kalayaan, Marikina Heights, Marikina City
Dance Workshop starts April 13 and ends May 23
P3000 (1hr classes)
P3500 (1.5hr classes)

MARCH 24-APRIL 18, 2008
APRIL 21-May 15,2008
more info available here


- Summer Class with Teacher Toneth. Teacher Toneth is an ISYC teacher who offers summer activities for kids at their house in ORO VISTA SUBDIVISION in CONCEPCION Marikina. The fee is Php 250 per session. According to T. Toneth the activity will include some art lessons and even introduction to alphabets. The class will start on April 13 – 30 (9am to 10am, MtoF).
- ISYC summer class. I like their summer class since it would include baking. Their session is from 9 to 11am, monday to friday and it would start on April 13 – 30. Fee is Php 6500.
- Ingenium summer class. Fee is 3500.
- Pathfinder School, # 30 Sinai St., Cor.Hacienda Ave.,Hacienda Heights Concepcion Dos,Marikina City 948-7775

2 thoughts on “Places of Interest (SUMMER Activities)

  1. hi! how do i get in touch with teacher toneth? is she teaching this summer? please let me know via text at 09228596275. thanks!

  2. hi,

    i really am not sure about how to get in touch with teacher toneth. i was able to find her before through google.



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