GoodLuck and Good Vibes’s nearing the end of the year. And so this New Year, a lot of people will have to look for goodluck charms and ways to bring goodluck to their homes. That reminds me to visit the CHARMS and CRYSTALS STORE in SM Marikina. I wanted to greet the new year with some charms for our house. lol. But if you asked me the real way to attract good luck and good vibes to your life is TO DO GOOD. Because if you do, blessings will come knocking on your door. Believe me!

I think you can start by cleaning up your house and give away those old toys and books of your little one to the MAAGA ang PASKO drive of JOLLIBEE. Not only will you get rid of the clutter, you can also make kids happy! That was what I have accomplished last week. And it gives me so much joy knowing that those old toys which are just stored in our cabinet are now on its way to became useful again. hehe.

And what did I received in return? Well, I think I will be branding this as my lucky charm. It’s not on my hands yet but on the hands of my Santa Claus. haha.

IMAGE_00164I don’t want to asked how much this had cost. Because as I have told my generous giver, if I knew the price I might asked him to give it back to the store. haha. I am so excited for the holidays! I have another jewelry to add to my collection.

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